GRD Jumpstart

The mindset is PEOPLE before CAPITAL. Twice a year THE HOPPER immerses HUMAN CAPITAL in all elements of early stage BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

The ECOSYSTEM extends throughout a vast industry NETWORK to build the best TEAM to launch and execute your business PLATFORM

We are the HORSE before the CART

GRD Ventures

A portfolio of SOLUTION FOCUSED companies to capitalize on NEW OPPORTUNITIES by providing fast, flexible, cost effective and innovative BUSINESS PLATFORMS across multiple markets

OUR PORTFOLIO companies started in our in-house JUMPSTART program and through THE PROCESS evolved into successful stand alone companies

In-House TEAM of 30+ season INDUSTRY EXPERTS with extended partner NETWORK OF 100’S

GRD Solutions

Consider OUR TEAM your IN-HOUSE INCUBATION TEAM without the UPFRONT EXPENSES (really, we provide creative financial solutions)

Let us know where you want to START

  • Collaboration, Discovery & Research
  • Project Definition & Management
  • Packaging Rationale & Modeling
  • Value Proposition, Branding & Design
  • Supplier Vetting, Selection & Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management

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